Microtek Incorporated 

home of simple service

Some of our Clients include

2B Enterprises

Cappello Foods

Christian Cradle, Inc.

Calvery Bible Church (Lapeer)

Direct Technologies

Gourmet Foods Outlet

Great Lakes Bible Church

Jeannine HopFensperger D. D. S.

Judd Marketing Lapeer Pregnancy and Family Care Center

Majestic Van Conversions

McDonald Ford

Morley Travel

North Branch Wesleyan Academy

NW Cyberspace

One Heart Enterprises

Performance Parts Connection

Pumford Reality

Quick Snack Venders

Saginaw Medical Federal Credit Union

Steak Buyers Club

Ticon Inc


 As would be expected, not all of Microtek's clients are listed here.     
Microtek has been in business since 1993 and in that time many clients have been helped with service from custom client and sales tracking databases to setup a simple wireless router.

We will work in homes and businesses, whatever is best for the client.