Microtek Incorporated 

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We are back up (sort of)

This is the new re-launched Microtek-inc.com  I hope you like the new design.

Some of our links are broken and pages missing, we will get to them in due time.

While the site is being updated and might look a mess rest assured that we still provide the same simple service that we always have.  Our services include:

Although our focus is on needs of small businesses, we will help you in your home or even medium to large business.

We are always updating our skills to keep pace with the changing information technology industry. 

This does not mean we will try to sell you the latest whiz-bang technology on the market.  We always try to save our customers money while recommending solutions that will meet their need.

basscam temp picture

Site news:

The picture above is just a place holder as we redesign the site.  He is a largemouth bass from a webcam in 2001.  We hope you like the new layout. 
    As the site is updated you will notice that most of the links are not working.  
    As always simple site design is our preference, please have patience.
Thank you,